MG-301 Diesel Anti-Gel With Conditioner

  • Facilitates easy engine starts at negative external temperatures.


  • Significantly lowers the pour point of diesel fuel to -40°F (-40°С) and filterability of diesel fuel to -20°F (-29°С).

  • Highly effective when added to diesel fuel before onset of freezing temperatures.

  • Potent conditioner additives ease wear on the HPFP, fuel injectors, and other fuel system components.

  • Recommended for use in all diesel engines found in passenger vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery, and specialized equipment.






Barcode Packaging Net Volume Net Weight Per Case Case Weight
817830010426 Plastic Bottle 12 fl.oz 0.8 lbs 12 11.6 lbs
Case Length Case Width Case Height Cases/Pallet* Pallet Height* Pallet Weight*
9.5" 10" 7.5"      
* U.S. Standard, Heat-Treated Wood Pallets 40" (101.6 cm) x 48" (121.9 cm)