MG-308 Complete Fuel System Cleaner

  • Quickly and effectively removes dirt and deposits from all components of gasoline fuel systems.

  • Thoroughly cleans fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, intake valves, fuel rail, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers.

  • Restores the optimal spray pattern and spray capacity of fuel injectors.

  • Helps to prevent engine knocking.

  • Recommended for regular use in all domestic and imported vehicles, including those with turbocharged and supercharged engines.





Barcode Packaging Net Volume Net Weight Per Case Case Weight
817830010471 Plastic Bottle 12 fl.oz 0.6 lbs 12 9.2 lbs
Case Length Case Width Case Height Cases/Pallet* Pallet Height* Pallet Weight*
9.5" 10" 7.5"      
* U.S. Standard, Heat-Treated Wood Pallets 40" (101.6 cm) x 48" (121.9 cm)